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Thin Gauge Plaques

Precision milling of aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper produces high quality plaques in 1/8″ thick material. These plaques have the same lifetime warranty as all of our other products.

Mounted bronze military plaques

Total Area Aluminum Brass Bronze Copper
Up to 24″ $42 total $55 total $57 total $76 total
25-100″ $1.67 / sq in. $2.18/ sq in. $2.26/ sq in. $3.00/ sq in.
101-249″ $1.50/ sq in. $1.95/ sq in. $2.03/ sq in. $2.70/ sq in.
250-576″ $1.33/ sq in. $1.73/ sq in. $1.80/ sq in. $2.40/ sq in.