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Cast and Etched Metal Plaques

Cast metal plaques in bronze, brass or aluminum.
Etched metal plaques in stainless steel, bronze, brass or copper.

Cast Metal Plaques  –  Etched Metal Plaques

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Metal Plaques

aluminum cast metal plaque
bronze cast metal plaque
brass metal plaque

Metal Plaques

etched metal plaques

Get your custom etched or cast metal plaque from Zip Sign Letters in 21 days plus shipping time.

Recognize an individual, capture a historical footnote, or dedicate a building – elegantly and permanently – with a bronze or aluminum metal plaque from Zip Sign Letters.


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Ideal for professional offices, university and government buildings, and commemorative uses, our etched and cast metal plaques are available in 14 different finishes, including polished, painted, or oxidized. Using only the purest, lead-free alloys, our cast and precision tooled plaques are available in various depths. For a sense of permanency and architectural depth, consider the classic look of cast and precision tooled bronze, brass, or aluminum plaques, logos, and emblems.

Customize your plaque with a bas relief (raised) casting to add detail, dimension, and personality. We can help you create your plaque based on your submitted photograph, which will then be cast as a raised likeness of your image, permanently enhancing the plaque.


  • Produced in just 3 – 4 weeks
  • Earth-friendly lead and mercury-free alloys
  • 14 finish options
  • Integrate custom logos, emblems or portraits
  • Thin gauge aluminum, brass, bronze, or copper available as a low cost option