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Laminated Sign Letters: Finish Options for Acrylic Mounted Letters

Finish Options for Metal Laminated Letters on Acrylic

  • Standard finishes are available for no additional charge.
  • For premium finishes, add the percentage shown to the letter price.
  • Alternatively, letters can be painted with standard Zip colors for an additional 30%. All colors can be painted with a gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or satin sheen; metallic sheens available for select colors.
  • Custom Paints: $20 Matching Fee plus 30% to paint.
  • Call Zip at 800-270-3343 for custom sign letters.
Standard Chemetal™ Finishes
31 Standard Pigmented Colors
Premium Chemetal™ Finishes




Special Order Chemetal™ Laminated Finishes

  • $300 special order fee plus the percentage shown below.
  • 14-20 business day lead time.
  • Painted foam edges are not available with 200 Series finishes.
800 Series: Architectural Collection
400 Series: Vortex Collection
700 Series: Design Collection
300 Series: Design Collection
200 Series: Design Collection