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Zip Fabricated Metal Sign Letters

Zip Fabricated Metal Sign Letters

Zip Fabricated Metal Sign Letters


When you use words like “Upscale,” “Elegant,” and “High End” to describe the type of letters you are looking for or ask about high end fabricated metal sign letters, Zip Sign Letters can help. Our Stainless Steel Fabricated Sign Letters are premium letters that have been expertly crafted to meet your exacting specifications. With lead-free silver solder and sharp 90° angle edges, our Fabricated Metal Letters offer the ultimate in beauty and production standards.

Zip Fabricated Metal Sign LettersWhere to Use Fabricated Metal Sign Letters:

  • When depth is required in letterstyle and/or logo
  • When a high-end look is desired
  • When mirror face and returns are needed
  • When you want to convey a sense of permanence
  • When backlighting is necessary.

Why Buy Zip Fabricated Metal Sign Letters?

  • Hand Crafted Beauty
  • Virtually unlimited design potential
  • Stainless steel is much more durable than aluminum
  • Finishes include baked enamel paint, natural satin stainless steel, polished stainless steel, satin gold titanium, and polished gold titanium
  • Channels are perfect for LED and neon
  • Can be made to your custom fonts and designs
  • Guaranteed For Life!

The Material:

Letters are made with standard stainless steel alloy #304, which offers excellent corrosion resistance and effectively combats tarnishing under most circumstances. In addition, We offer titanium-coated stainless steel for the ultimate “gold” letter finish available. This material is comprised of #304 stainless coated with a thin layer of tinted titanium. Due to the fabrication process, the edge of all faces on letters and logos have thin lines of exposed #304 stainless that will be buffed smooth on polished letters, or stroked on satin letters to maintain consistency in appearance.


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